1 Logo: Make a difference in your own style. The lightweight custom logo or bespoke mat enhance impression at your entrance. Durable nylon surface with a personal touch. Special size, colour and shape possible. Dust, dirt and moisture control. Slip-resistant rubber backing. PVC Free.

2.Entrance: Dirt & Moisture catching mat. Our mats are perfectly suited for busy areas due to their high dirt and moisture absorption rate and slip resistant rubber backing. Special size and shape possible. Durable nylon surface. Light resistant. PVC free.

3.Water Horse: High water retention mat. This mat comes with a containment border capable of holding up to 4.5 litres of water per square metre. The Water-Horse is designed to remove dirt, grit and water from footwear and guarantees skid resistance. Ideal for busy entrances, it can be used both indoors and outdoors.

4.Kleen-Comfort: Anti-fatigue mat to reduce fatigue and comfort your feet. Relief for muscles and joints from long standing. Low profile edge to prevent tripping. Durable surface. Slip-resistant. Light-resistant. PVC Free. There are 2 types – heavy-duty rubber surface or fabric surface that is able to print specific designs.

5.Kleen-Thru Plus: Anti-Slip mat for wet area with anti-bacterial properties. With ribbed holes for drainage, this washable workspace mat is made from 100 % nitrile rubber with built-in anti-bacterial properties that last for the life of the mat. Integrated with foam nitrile rubber, this versatile mat helps to ease the fatigue in jobs where long periods of standing are required, such as professional kitchens, bar areas, wet rooms and production facilities.

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