Amber Bake

provides various materials of bakery production such as bakery premixed powder packaging and especially waffle makers for bakery business (Including restaurants, Café, Coffee shop, hotels, product distributers and dealers). We also provide the franchise with well train services and materials for customers who want to start their own business by using our products nationwide.

Company Name (บริษัท)  AMBER BAKE CO., LTD.
Product ( Jpeg) (ภาพสินค้า)  D:\PP land\purple pea\ตัวใหม่ มีที่ระบายน้ำมัน.jpg
Product name (ชื่อสินค้า) WAFFLE MACHINE DIGITAL
Model (รุ่นสินค้า) 
Description (รายละเอียดสินค้า) WAFFLE MACHINE DIGITALNon-Stick and Durable: The baking pan is aluminum painted with Teflon coating. The Teflon coating pan has pass the food safety test.Double Digitals Control System (Upper pan and Bottom pan): Digital operation of the temperature and time. Temperature and time at a glance, the operation is convenient.
Stainless Steel #201 body, solid, high-class and durable.
Booth No. A11
Company name AMBER BAKE CO., LTD.
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Type of Business Bakery/ Confectionery Equipment
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